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Kase Learning offers a range of seminars, webinars, and conferences for professional investors and avid amateurs alike. With more than 50 years of experience as value investors and fund managers between them, Whitney Tilson and Glenn Tongue will provide you with tools and strategies to improve your investing skills, avoid pitfalls, and compound your money at a higher rate.

Kase Learning

Shorting Conference

This full-day event on December 3rd is the first of its kind dedicated solely to short selling and will feature some of the world’s top practitioners who will share their wisdom, lessons learned, and best, actionable short ideas. A major goal of this conference is to help create a community of serious short sellers to facilitate the sharing of ideas for everyone’s greater success. This conference will be held in New York City and also livestreamed.

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lessons from the trenches

Value Investing Bootcamp

Learn how to better identify winning stocks, avoid value traps, enhance your portfolio and risk management skills, and control the emotions that get most investors into trouble. Compound at a higher rate and make millions more dollars over your investment lifetime.

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How to Launch & Build an

Investment Fund

For aspiring entrepreneurs, we’ll help you make the right decision about whether and when to launch your own investment management business and, once you do so, maximize your odds of success by showing you exactly how we built Kase Capital from $1 million to $200 million under management.

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Advanced Seminar on

Short Selling

We teach all of the lessons we learned from more than 15 years of short selling – and encourage (but don’t require) each person who participates to present their favorite short idea.

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Our Guarantee

We seek to deliver exponentially more value than what we charge and are so confident of this that we are willing to make the following offer: after the first day of any multi-day Kase Learning seminar or webinar (or at lunch for the one-day seminars), if you are not satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund your money.

Note that registration is fully refundable until one month in advance; thereafter it is fully transferable or the amount paid can be applied toward any future Kase Learning program.


Find out if one of Kase Learning’s programs is right for you. Please send us your contact information and either Whitney Tilson or Glenn Tongue will reach out to you directly.

For more information you can reach us at (212) 265-4510 or info@kaselearning.com.